News from Home

I always looked forward to Mom's letters when I was away at college. She didn't mince words filling me in on the news in her own quirky way. I could only wish she would have dated her letters.

Dear Ruthie--

At last I have a new tablet. I wanted to enter a contest--see if I couldn't win a mink neck piece for Jeannine for graduation. Guess the contest is over but I have the paper.

Fri. we went to the wedding--simple but nice. Big crowd--We were early but still sat in the back room (with Mary, Dorlie, Squeak, Helen & a couple of others). . . . Harvey came but did not give Janice away. She entered alone--long white dress. . . . Sherry wore her hair way down--looked rather hideous. His sister could hardly walk on such high heels--spilled her punch at least twice. . . . Tommy was as smart alecky as ever. Poor Janice. I think she deserves better. . . .

Its been rainy and so darn cold--We almost freeze--It has warmed up a lot today so the weather may change--I've had to have a furnace fire both morning & night.

One of our calves--Ella--born last Jan. is sick--She had been down in the pasture & is so thin Dad called the vet and he thought she was poisoned by acorns. Dad doesn't think so--I do  hope she lives--She is no better this morning.

I worked Fri night--went after we came home from wedding--worked 11-7. It took me two days to catch up on my sleep. That isn't an easy shift--work is simple but its hard to sleep in the day time.

Sat. Dad & Jon cut up a couple of trees that had blown down. They had a brush pile out by the stone pile. They burned it about 4--at 6 I went out & put potatoes in the coals--about 9 kids & I went out again. They roasted wieners, made popcorn and each ate 2 potatoes (with butter). They sure enjoyed themselves.

We drove to Red Wing yesterday--Sure is pretty scenery. Jon kept saying over & over how he wished you were along. The bluffs were so steep. He and K. climbed one but she got too tired. We took a skyline drive that was beautiful--We went to the pottery factory--I bought a piece and Jon got me my birthday-Christmas gifts--We called Hanks but no answer--We got home at 6--had a nice day. Redwing is on the Mississippi River.

Will you please send me your telephone number? I'll call you next Sat night at 10. . . . I got some stuff to make you a batch of cookies but when you said your room was infested with cockroaches I just don't know. Do you have or can you get an airtight container. Ask the cooks if they have an empty glass jar with a tight cover and let me know.

What do you mean Jane is all Higgins? If Jack was not a bit to blame, wouldn't he still be a Catholic. Scalzo's wife ran off with another man-- a priest married him and the Christner girl.

Joyce is home--came on the bus--will be married 25 of next month. Cleone said she'll ask me to the shower--didn't know just when it would be.

The goat and cats are still living--Darn.

Well this will be all. Must get at my wash. I've got last weeks ironing to do too. Opal was up for 4 hrs the other day--Did we gab.

Love Mother

Please send telephone no. at once. I'm going to call station to station--only $1.

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