Jennie's Politics

When I was growing up I always heard stories abut Aunt Jennie, for whom my mother was named. When everyone else got ready to sit down around the radio and listen to FDR's Fireside chats she would stomp out of the room and slam the door while railing against him. But everyone knew she had her ear to the door because as soon as he was done she would march in and vociferously counter every point he had made. My mother loved to tell that story.

Mom (and Dad) were Democrats, no doubt about it. They were farmers after all. But in 1960 she flip-flopped and voted for the Republican nominee, Richard Nixon, of all people. She simply could not abide the thought of the Vatican ruling the country. As we all know, JFK won the election. I don't remember, but I would like to think that she grieved his assassination as bitterly as we all did.

In a letter postmarked Nov. 4, 1968, she wrote: "Well by the time you get this I hope Humphrey will be our next president. Time will tell."

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