Librarian's Tribute

Spooner Memorial Library
Spooner, Wisconsin 54801

April 16, 1970

Mr. Percy Stellrecht
Route 1 box 65
Spooner, Wisconsin 54801

Dear Mr. Stellrecht:

The Spooner Memorial Library would like to thank you for the very generous gift of money given as a memorial for Jennie C. Stellrecht. The money will be used to purchase new books as you requested.

Personally, I wish to tell you what a joy it was to have Jennie as a patron and what a keen loss it was when she left. Jennie always looked for good books, always discussed them and gave an opinion. I remember one remark she made to me . . . "I just can't get along without books . . . I've got to have books near me."  Jennie had the most beautiful smile . . . I miss her many visits to the library.

Again, than you for the gift and I will purchase books I think Jennie would approve adding to our reading collection.

Yours very truly,

Mrs. Dorothy Tetzloff

DT: sa

[All ellipses are those of Mrs. Tetzloff.]

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